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The Basic Rules of Video Poker Online

Many people who have not yet tried video poker games may think they are simply the less interesting version of video slot machines. However, this couldn't be further from the truth - practically the only similarity is that they are both played on an electronic screen. At Silver Oak Casino, we want you to play casino game selections that are rich and varied, rather than sticking to one tired slot machine. We also want you to do your best and enjoy your time here, so be sure to keep reading for helpful tips and rules of video poker.

The game is played very similarly to regular poker, although of course the cards are animated on the screen. Another exception is that in order to get a payout, you must have a certain rank in your hand. Jacks or better is the minimum with many of the machines; in fact, Jacks or Better is even the name of one of the more popular titles. The better your hand, the bigger payout you will be able to receive. Some of the newer machines even let you play many different hands at the same time in order to help you maximize your winnings. Since this is one of the simpler casino activities, many people are choosing to enjoy it instead of slot machines or a regular table game.

It is pretty easy to learn the rules of video poker. You already know that you might have to have Jacks or better to get paid, but just remember to check your particular machine's payout table to know for sure. To begin, you will be dealt five cards. You can choose to keep some and discard some however you like. One good strategy is to throw them all away and start over if you don't have anything that you can build upon. Other people keep the high ones or low pairs. After deciding which you want to keep, your discards will be automatically removed and you will receive replacements for them to create your final hand. If your cards rank highly enough, you will win. It really is that easy and fun to play!