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Licensed Delaware Online Gambling Offers Worry-Free Gaming

image of delaware online gambling

Delaware is among the first few states in the United States to allow online gambling. Delaware online gambling was legalized in 2012. Under the law, state residents are allowed to play casino games, slots, video poker, and other games offered by gambling sites located within the state and supervised by the lottery commission.

One of the conditions stipulated in Delaware gambling legislation is the age requirement for its players. For instance, lottery, dog and horse tracks are open to those aged 18 years old and above, while casino games and sportsbooks are open to residents who are at least 21 years old.

Even prior to the legalization of Delaware online gambling, residents have long enjoyed playing in web-based gambling sites offered by offshore establishments. As Delaware-based gaming sites become operational, much more options become available to its residents. The recent Delaware online gambling move is seen as beneficial to its residents and to the state, as well. It could translate to more job opportunities for its residents, and higher revenues for the state.

The legislation is also expected to further spruce up the reputation of Delaware as conducive to gamblers. In fact, before online wagering became legal, residents can already participate in sports betting and numerous casino games like slots, poker, bingo and others, through several online establishments located outside the state. With the recent gaming law, online bettors need not worry about violating state regulations, and would feel much safer now to bet on their favorite games. Moreover, playing in state-regulated Internet-based establishments closer to home would add to a more secure gaming experience.

Delaware residents can now get the full casino experience at home, playing real money slots, table games, and other casino games they love. However, similar to other gaming regulations in other states, the law requires players to be located within state boundaries. So residents who happen to be outside Delaware need to keep this is mind since the state is able to check the location and employs effective technology that blocks people out.