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Play Real Money Scratch Card Games RTG At Silveroak Casino

At Silveroak Casino, we now offer real money scratch cards games RTG for all of our customers. Most US players are familiar with how scratchies work, and just like many state lotteries, USA casinos offer instant scratch card games that can award a lot of money to lucky players.

The game is fast and fun, and there are many choices and options when picking your poison. Our variety all come from RealTime Gaming, the industry leading software provider of online casino software. We offer fan favorites such as Lucky 8s, Hot Dice, and 5 Diamond Blackjack. The prize amount can reach as high as $1 million!

There are various denominations available for our real money scratch card games RTG. Choose your denomination on the amount you wish to spend, and come try it out. The whole affair is very easy and requires no skill, making them a great choice for new and returning players in an online casino.

All of our options have different themes, such as being based on popular movies or cartoon characters. The bottom line is that it all comes down to luck. But if you happen to be the person to pick the right card at the right time, that won't really matter, it might feel like more of a divine coincidence. The only constant is this: the higher the denomination, the higher the prize will be.

At Silveroak Casino, we understand how much people love playing the lottery, so we offer great bonuses and promotional deals that can include free scratchies - which means if you win, you won't ever have to pay for the card.